Friday, January 05, 2007

As Ever, Gracious In Defeat...

Dahlings -

And the winner of The Great Pose Off is. . . Fred. The polls do not lie.

(Although there have been some rumors that the poll was rigged by jealous vintage sellers out to sabotage my burgeoning modeling career. Don't let anyone know you heard it from me.)

However, in truly gentlemanly fashion, Fred pronounced that we are "co-winners"!

Because, after all, The Great Pose Off was my brainchild. And because we brought so much joy with our little contest to the great unwashed out there in Ebay-land. In fact, one seller, who goes by the ID of majickal_moon* created a picture of Fred and me with the Great Pose Off Trophy:

(I admit that I do not expect this to do me any good where A Dress A Day is concerned. But one cannot have everything.)

Fred has won my admiration, which is not easy. I admire very few people, among them President Clinton and Dita Von Tease, for the wonderful way she takes care of her poor handicapped husband. And of course my dear dead friend Lana Turner, who offered to pose for me, until I had to break it to her that generally speaking, dead people do not photograph well. They go all ectomorphic or protoplasmic or whatever that word is for "gray and foggy."

In the meantime, to business. For the discriminating buyer, I have some delightful items in my shop.

Soft Brown Faux Fur Coat, New With Tags, size 3X:


Satin Wrap Robe, size 8X, in gold, red and burgundy:

Long Blue Stretch Velvet Dress, 3X, and Vintage Milk Glass Bead Matinee Necklace:


I must hie myself off to bed, after taking a hot scented bath (using the fragrance specially created for me by wee Sarah Jessica Parker). I wish you all a good night.

Elisa and Bucky The Wonderdog

*One suspects this ID has something to do with dancing naked at night, hmmm?


Captain Great said...

I must say Miss Meister, you were completely robbed!

Just be satisfied in the fact that you still have your integrity. I mean, you don't need to rely on gimmicks like being a man in a dress in order to win yourself awards!

Hoardmeister said...

Thank you, dear Captain! I will say that it is conceded on Ebay that I look very studly dressed as a man. (Cf. my current motorcycle jacket auction, and my closed loden coat auction.) So nice to look good as either sex!

Shaz said...

Dahling Elisa & The Fabulous Fury Bucky The Wonderdog I was shocked to hear you have no Hit Counter on such an advanced & international site as this one. Therefore, I hope you find this link helpful, although I'm not sure a "six digit counter" will suffice your needs!!
Hope this helps x x x

Shaz said...

Hi Dahling, Could you provide technical support in fashioning my Google search facility as it appears 3 sizes too big for my blog page!?!?!

I prefer the snug fitting version you have on your site,

Chow x x x

Shaz said...

Just sending my commiserations. I've just heard the bad news that "The Beckhams" are moving to the USA.

I can't wait to read any future posts regarding the so called fashion icon, Mrs B!!!!!

Lets hope she doesn't dry out & snap in your beautiful sun!

Hoardmeister said...

Yes, that's dreadful about the Beckhams, but one must take the rough with the smooth.