Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tiny Sarah Jessica Parker's Soap


I had the most EXCRUCIATING adventure yesterday! But I am still trembling, and ever so fatigued, so the telling of my escape will have to wait until later today.

For now I have to have my maid draw a hot bath (no, not with a pencil, you hooligans), and soak in the tub with my custom-made lavender fragranced soap that Sarah Jessica Parker created just for moi...it had a little SJP monogram on it, until it got washed off.

Sarah's a lovely little person, very little, in fact she frequently gets lost when she stands behind Salma Hayek or Anna Nicole Smith in crowds. But with Anna Nicole, who wouldn't? Not that I should speak ill of one of my sisters in bosomhood. But Anna Nicole is even more common than my assistant, and that is saying something.

Until later, dahlings -

Elisa and Bucky The Wonderdog

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Mistreatedmaidnyc said...

Meez Elisa think she hot snot on a silver platter She really cold boogers on paper plate EEEEEEEEEE, she ring that bell again!!!