Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How To Sell Clothes To Movie Stars. Indeed.

I realized that I had to, as the young people say, "put myself out there" after a vintage seller, an upstart with a seriously outdated website, felt compelled to address we who sell modes of days gone by on a public discussion board. The topic: How To Sell Vintage Clothing To Movie Stars. Although I have removed the name of the board, I have left all of the spelling, punctuation and syntactical errors intact for your reading pleasure.

Hey guys , since so many of you have expressed skepticism on this subject I thought I'd list some fun and easy tips so that you to can sell clothes to movie stars

1}Go to NYC .Since NYC is very expensive it's best if you can arrange to be from there.If you can't arrange to be from there at least have very close friends and relatives that live there so that you will have a free place to stay.If you can't manage any of this you will probably have to stay in JOHO {often refered to as New Jersey}.This will still be expensive however and the commute will be bloody awful

2}Get invited to display your stuff at one of NYC's prestigous antique shows .This can be tricky as sometimes these shows have waiting lists and sometimes they are vetted but it would help if you became a rock star. You don't have to be a super succesful famous rock star you can be a cult fave or a critically adored darling ,someone who say has to supplment their meager rock star income by selling vintage,but everyone loves rock stars and another advantage to this is that generally you will be in contact with rock stars who are much more famous than you and they will give you there old stage clothes to sell{we'll save how to sell rock star clothes for another post }, .This will likely cause you to get press in national magazines which is good for business and helps with getting invited to shows.

3}If you can't pull off the rock star thing have your sister marry one of the people who runs the Winter Antiques Show.THe cheapest booth at this show is $25,000 and it's amazing how many doors the words winter antiques show will open.An upside to this approach is that you will quite likely get invited to the young collectors ball {which usually costs $150 but don't worry your sister will get you in for free}.Put on your most fabulous vintage dress and hang about sipping champagne .When people ask where you got your dress well then tell them!

4}Maximize the possiblities .Make appointments with high end vintage retailers in NYC who regulary sell to movie stars .Sadly if you choose this method you can only expect to get about $800-$1500 per dress and you won't actually get to meet any movie stars but it's still a good fall back option

5}Be tall very thin and striking.You don't have to be beautiful per se but you do need to have a killer sense of style so that the movie stars can pick you out of a crowd at a show ,Don't be fat Movie stars and NYC in general disapprove of fat people.

6}Go to the couture auction houses with stuff that maybe is way cool but not so movie star so that you will cover more bases on your trip .Bring your 30s chanel Boue Souers etc Even if your stuff does'nt sell you will have really pretty pics of your stuff in auction catlogues to show your mom who has always been skeptical of you rock star-ness

7}Party and shmooze a lot{ this is self explanatary}

8}Come home exhausted ,Kick back on the couch with a copy of Vogue .Congratulate yourself on a successful trip and laugh you *ss off at anyone who thought well connected meant the (**** )boards

Dahlings, I shall post my follow-up later today. But I simply must have my maid fetch me another cup of coffee and have my personal assistant (about which more later) take Bucky out for a walk. I'm exhausted.

Au reviour,
Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog


Foxy Moxie Vintage said...

Elisa, love! It's so good to see you are writing again. I was thinking perhaps someone should pass along the number of a good maid service to this self proclaimed seller-to-celebrities that you speak of. Her carpetting looks as if it hasn't been vacuumed in decades. It's quite sad, don't you think? A charity case, really. Anyway, I must run now (not literally of course) I have a million things to do today! Kiss kiss!

Hoardmeister said...

Dahling foxie, you are an island of sanity in an insane world. As long as you keep taking those little orange pills. I would give the poor thing the number of the employment agency if not for the fact that I've had to sack every single maid I've gotten from them! Standards have SLIPPED, let me tell you!

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