Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End


After much pondering, your faithful correspondent has decided it is time to move on.  Thank you so much for being wonderful readers, for your many wonderful comments, and even the not-so-wonderful comments.  A Fashionista could not ask for more.

Ciao, Elisa & Fletcher

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Giveaway of The Abortionist's Daughter, Sept. 4-7!!


Out of the goodness of my heart, and because I do not need the money, I am giving away FREE copies on Amazon Kindle of my novel, The Abortionist's Daughter! 

September 4-7!

At Amazon

Rave Review at fatchic.net

So far there have been a number of 5 and 4 star reviews!  As well there should be.

To recap:

It’s 1916 and Melanie Daniels, the prettiest girl in Mullers Corners, New York, and daughter of the town’s doctor, dreams of making a brilliant marriage. But scandal has doomed her dreams. Six years ago a woman died while receiving an abortion from Melanie’s father, and now that “the killer doc” is back from prison, Mullers Corners won’t forgive and won’t let Melanie forget her family’s disgrace.

Angry at both her father and the town, Melanie is easily swayed by a charming stranger who arouses mysterious new feelings in her and begs her to run away with him to New York City. Neither the stranger nor her life in the big city turn out to be what Melanie expects, and soon the twists of fate lead her into a new life in the less-than-respectable world of the theater--and a new understanding of her own womanhood and her father’s crime. Filled with vivid scenes of backstage life and fascinating vignettes of long-ago society, fashion, and mores, The Abortionist’s Daughter explores the challenges of being a woman in early 20th century America with drama, passion, and wit.

Seven Canary Cottage Girls, Burlesque, 1916

A major page turner! I took great pleasure in yelling (in my head) "No! Don't do it!" as Melanie makes one bad decision after another. I was reminded at times of Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie and Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary; in all three of these works, a woman attempts to assert herself in the few ways possible according to the norms of the society of the time. But how much ambition is too much? Also, it would be easy for a book that features a doctor that performs abortions to come across as having some sort of political agenda, but characterization and storytelling are clearly the focus here, and the result is brilliant. (4 stars)

Don't start reading this wonderful tale if you have anything else to do for a while. It will grab you and keep you enthralled. Well written with strong characters and an illuminating insight into the era More please!! (4 stars)

Whether or not you are in possession of a uterus, as you can plainly see you need this book in your life.   This promotion ONLY runs through September 7th.  After that, you will sob bitterly because you missed this golden opportunity.  I can assure you of that.


Elisa & Fletcher

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The GOP Strategy For Abortion


Your faithful correspondent thinks that perhaps this expresses the Republican Party's views on women's reproductive issues:

Ciao, Elisa &Fletcher

Monday, August 20, 2012

Au Revoir For Now, Dahlings


As you have no doubt noticed, this blog has been much less lively for the past year or so.

Sometimes one's interests change. I have lavishing my brilliance on my wonderful readers for six years... Your faithful scrivener needs to take a break. Possibly a long break.

The shallowness that has borne me aloft for so long is showing the cracks; I am actually beginning to care a bit about the hoi polloi, as long as they are not my staff.

Let someone else write droolingly about New York Fashion Week.  Let someone else carry the plus-size banner. I am still plus-sized and proud, but again, I need a hiatus. It has become wearisome to be outraged.  However, there will be my website, if Leo ever gets around to finishing it; this blog has also been moved to Wordpress. 

I shall remain on Twitter, because, frankly, how could you all survive without me?

I shall see you all there, and in the meantime, eat like there's no tomorrow and damn the media!

Elisa & Fletcher

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Monday, August 06, 2012

Macaulay Culkin Defends Himself Against The National Enquirer


I was shocked--SHOCKED--to read about the National Enquirer claiming, with its usual subtlety, "Macaulay Culkin To Be Dead In Six Months!"  With that sort of prescience, I want to know what their stock picks are.

In any event, your faithful correspondent went digging, and found Culkin making his defense:

In actuality, Culkin is researching the part of Trevor Reznik, first played by Christian Bale, in "The Machinist."  (Look it up.)

Elisa & Fletcher

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Hot Sunday Means Hot Men - Meet Dick Fudge!


We've gotten a new computer at chez Fashionista, and it has been no END of trouble! Leo has been reduced to tears so often that I have set up tissue boxes in six different areas of the office, as WELL as the entrance hall. Sometimes the mere idea of facing the sleek black monster is too much for the lad. However, I felt you deserved something for this bestially hot Sunday.


 Enjoy a cold cocktail, air conditioning, and a companion of whatever sex you prefer.

 Ciao, Elisa & Fletcher

Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Honor of The Olympics: Chariot of Eggs!


In honor of the Olympics, taking place as I write in, er, is it London?  Somewhere in Great Britain, I know that much.  This is SCTV's "Race Of Eggs."  It is inspirational in the extreme.

It stars Dave Thomas, Catherine O' Hara and Andrea Martin as the American team, and Darryl Hall and John Oates representing Britain! Me thinks Her Majesty The Queen would enjoy it. In particular, ogling H and O in their tight white running costumes. (She's married, but she's not dead, as they say.)


Elisa & Fletcher